Dansk fodbolds fankultur

Danish Event Policing, 2013

Danish Event Policing - coverDanish Event Policing – Dialogue-Based Policing of Football Crowds


About the text

Event Policing in Denmark is part of a European development from primarily mobile crowd control tactics with a focus on riot control to a more graded and differentiated approach with dialogue as impetus. The concept is integrated in the overall operation deployed at high risk football matches in East Jutland, Denmark. The concept has also been deployed at a political demonstration with success.  This small booklet provides a description of Danish Event Policing as developed by East Jutland Police in collaboration with Aarhus University, Denmark. The booklet is written as a joint project between the two institutions.

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Title: Danish Event Policing – Dialogue-Based Policing of Football Crowds

Authors: Jonas Havelund, Morten Anker Jensen, Lise Joern, Bent Preben Nielsen & Kristian Rasmussen

Series: Good hosting, vol. 2

Published as part of a EU project on event based innovation

Publication year: 2013