Dansk fodbolds fankultur

Danish Ultras, 2013

Danish_Ultras_coverDanish Ultras – Beyond risk/non-risk


About the text

The Danish police are presently implementing a dialogue-based management concept, which among other things was developed for the supervision of high risk football matches and demonstrations, and grounded in the positive results that the East Jutland Police experienced establishing event policing. The authors of this booklet were involved in the institution and development of the event policing concept and contributed considerably to the preparatory training of event staff for dealing with conflict aversion. One of the most significant components of the training is to provide the officers with an understanding of fan culture and its diversities.

This booklet is an example of how a close scrutiny of specific segments of fan culture can disclose nuances to an often simplified view of football fan culture.


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Title: Danish Ultras – Beyond risk/non-risk

Authors: Jonas Havelund, Lise Joern & Kristian Rasmussen

Series: Good hosting, vol. 3

Published as part of a EU project on event based innovation

Publication year: 2013